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Top 10 Best BIG Mobile Game Releases of the Year | The best of 2023

It's absolutely wild to think that the gaming platform most people own is the one that fits in their back pocket, Games for Android and iOS. And yet, it's even wilder to consider how far the games we play on these palm-sized devices have come.

2023 brought with it a new collection of games to add to the ever-growing list of great mobile titles. And while nearly all of the games on this list are available to play elsewhere, these are titles that we felt were either best experienced on mobile, or were ported over with mind-blowing finesse. So, these are the best mobile games of 2023 available on Android Google Play and iOS App Store. If you prefer watching rather than reading, here is the link to the video version of this article Click here

Here we go.

10. Blood strike

Blood Strike is a game that bears a striking resemblance to Call of Duty Warzone with very similar gameplay and graphics design. Blood Strike is a fast-paced battle royale FPS game developed and published by NetEase.
It's a game that allows you to experience 100-player Battle Royale with fully customizable realistic weapons.

Blood Strike has already been released for both the Play Store and App Store on the 28th of October. While the game is globally accessible, only specific servers in South East Asia have officially opened. So if you play from countries far from this region you may experience higher latency due to server location.

9. Hitman: Blood Money: Reprisal

The famous hitman: blood money is now on mobile and it is absolutely looking really good.

In the game, you play the role of Agent 47, a skilled assassin targeted by the rival agency called The Franchise. You undertake a bold mission to eliminate the architects of a mysterious conspiracy, using all available tools to accomplish the task discreetly.

This game is one of the easiest recommendations when it comes to single-player mobile games. I can see why many consider it one of the best games on multiple platforms. If you’re new to the franchise and want a great way to taste the world of Hitman on mobile, there isn’t anything close.

8. Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer is a true hack-and-slash anime-themed game that is fast-paced, fun, and wonderfully animated. The story leaves much to be desired, however; the gameplay is where the title excels—going through waves upon waves of enemies induces a rush that is enhanced by the optimal controls and smooth animations.

It even has different dash animations for all the characters. The combat feels very good, and the storyline is quite amazing. people call this game underrated as this game definitely has one of the best hack-and-slash gameplay when it comes to the anime game genre.

7. Black clover M

Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King, a new Gacha collection RPG based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series. Fans of Black Clover likely know what to expect in the storyline; Asta, an orphan boy born without magic, sets out to become the ultimate mage by becoming the Wizard King.

The English version of the game just came out on Nov 30th and has already garnered over 5 million downloads on Play Store alone which is crazy if you asked me. The combat system is simple and enjoyable, the graphics are appealing, and the gacha system is honestly one of the best out there making it easily one of the top recommended anime games on mobile in 2023.

6. Watcher of realms

So aside from Arknights which is the most popular tower defense game on mobile, you don’t see many tower defense games these days. So, when Moonton released it's next-gen tower defense game titled watcher of Realms, it attracted a significant amount of attention.

Watcher of Realms is a collectible RPG where you gather and enhance hundreds of heroes, construct diverse team compositions, and employ strategic tactics to defend against hordes of demons. watcher if Realms stands out as the most popular tower defense game on mobile in 2023.

5. Reverse 1999

This is a captivating gacha rpg game that offers probably the best storyline among all mobile games that came out in 2023. Starting with the final day of 1999, time has begun flowing in reverse. To make matters worse, temporal anomalies known as Storms threaten to erase important moments throughout history from existence and you're role is to prevent it from happening.

The game hasn't even reached two months since its release at the time of recording this video, and it has already surpassed over a million downloads on the Play Store alone, not even counting the PC and iOS download counts. Given the game's popularity and positive reviews, it's hard not to think that this might be the best Turn-based anime RPGs on mobile of the year.


As for the MMORPG genre, I chose undawn for this one as not only does it cater to a wide variety of gamers, it also offers a cinematic quality of storyline. The game has variety of modes on top of all the open world, pve, quests, gathering cycles, progression etc. Modes of PVP. Modes like territory fight. It has proper raids. Fun and challenging activities to do and compete in.

Undawn also features impressive graphics that will surely amaze it's players. This game is not just about "survival" and zombies at all. Undawn is a classic social-oriented MMO that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

3. Dragonheir: Silent Gods

With all types of gamers out there, some of you might prefer RPGs that are playable on an isometric perspective. well in that case, This game is the most popular when it comes to that preference. Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a high-fantasy, open world RPG that incorporates gacha elements.

players will create a character and set off on quests in the land of Adenthia where players find a rich world teeming with interesting characters, sprawling quests and victories waiting to be won. It features a plethora of new ideas and a unique approach to mobile gaming, with cool graphics, intense gameplay, and a deep story filled with dialogues and drama.

2. Snowbreak: Containment Zone

This game features the familiar controls of a standard third-person shooter but with the novelty of RPG elements such as character skills. The game presents diverse combat scenarios, pitting players against enemies that range from terrorists to colossal otherworldly beings.

It's an excellent combination of shooter and ARPG elements that will no doubt challenge the limits of what is possible for mobile gaming. Snowbreak: Containment Zone offers players solid core gameplay, amazing visual effects and models, extremely punchy audio with a lot of attention to detail, and minimal incentive to pull for multiple high-rarity characters to offset its low rates.

1. Honkai star rail

Honkai: Star Rail by developer Hoyoverse is a cool space game. It's free and has awesome anime-style graphics, great music, lots of stories, and exciting fights. It's not too grindy like other free games, so it's a great game to try when new stuff comes out.

Some might not like the not-so-full game world and the story that's just starting, but overall, Star Rail is a really good game that will only get better over time.
However lately, I've been seeing some players saying that they've run out of content to play in the game and eagerly awaiting new content updates.

Alright gamers, That is all for this video. I hope you found this video informative and if you did, go ahead and like the video, subscribe to the channel, and turn on notifications.
Thanks a lot for hanging out with me today this has been gamingatmax. holiday season everyone!

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