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Top 10 Best Xianxia/Wuxia/Martial Arts Games For Mobile of 2023

Wuxia is a pretty unique genre of fiction that deals mainly with martial artists in the setting of ancient China. This might seem like a pretty specific thing to categorize, but the fact is that there are several games that have used this wuxia genre to great effect.

Hello there my fellow mobile gamers, today we're gonna take a look at some of the wuxia games that have come out in 2023, If you're into this kind of stuff, subscribe to the channel to stay updated in mobile gaming.

Let's get started

WuXia Online

WuXia Online: Idle is an idle card game set in the world of Chinese Wuxia. In the game, you'll learn martial arts, watch faction clashes, explore mysteries, and upgrade your characters without much effort.

You'll experience Wuxia stories with humorous dialogue, customize your warrior lineup, and team up with friends. Resources are returned when you reset characters, making progression easy.

It's an idle game with adventures, gossip, and Wuxia mastery, where you can enjoy the Wuxia world and its stories without constant grinding or spending money.
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇


Now, this Eastern fantasy wuxia idle role-playing game offers you an effortless journey of
ascension. As a mortal new to this realm, you'll practice Physics and Magic to achieve
immortality through trials or embark on worldwide expeditions to make friends and unveil

Overmortal introduces an innovative system where battles, production, and interactions continue
even when you're offline, meaning you can make remarkable progress in short moments
throughout your day. Create your own path, learn immortal techniques, craft powerful weapons,
and explore for legendary and Relics. All you need to do is log into the game for a few minutes every day, take some pills, do some challenges, and watch your character ascend as an immortal. Perfect for those with a hectic schedule!

It's a game where you can Join or create a sect to ascend with friends, engage in real-time battles with thousands of players, and experience the joy of companion relationships for quicker teleports and support.

The game's customization options are fantastic, like elegant outfits. And now you can also
receive the game's exclusive and exquisite fashion for free. If you’re into fantasy wuxia RPGs, this game is a must-try!
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇

Infinite Fantasy M

Infinite Fantasy M is an online game where you enter a world filled with martial arts and mythical stories.

With its exciting tales, stunning scenery, and fun fighting style, you can go on big missions, travel through a huge world, and team up with other players. Step into the enchanting realm of Infinite Fantasy M to become a hero in an amazing journey.
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇

Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN

Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN is an action-packed game where you, as the chosen one, gather powerful heroes from ancient times to battle the dark forces of the Tenchu Sect. Sharpen your Divine Weapon, raise magical creatures, and build a unique team to become a legend.

Recruit over 100 heroes, activate special bonds, and customize your heroes' strengths for battles.
It's about creating your own hero legend in a world of adventure and strategy.
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇

Legendary Master Idle

Legendary Master Idle" is a game where you accompany a girl on her journey to become a top martial arts master and seek vengeance for her father. The game features vibrant illustrations and intricate costumes, along with an engaging battle system that offers impactful hit actions.

It supports character progression through various training activities and stages while allowing strategic gameplay through martial arts skills based on different properties and deck configurations.

There's a one-on-one duel system for competitive play using the best equipment and skills, as well as an idle system that assists with offline growth.
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇

Deity Arena

You will summon Holy Grail warriors and create your team. The battles are visually impressive with 3D character models and a wide range of heroes to choose from, including mythical and historical figures. The game offers diverse content, such as trial towers with roguelike gameplay, exciting arenas, and teamwork-based team battles.

Strategic thinking is key as you adjust your team according to the situation, using different hero combinations to release unique skills.

The game features an engaging storyline set in the vast continent of Atlantis, where you'll gather partners and embark on an exciting journey.
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇

Heavenly Sword Legend

Heavenly Sword Legend" is a mobile MMORPG set in a world of immortals, offering three character professions: swordsman, mage, and boxer. Embark on a fantasy journey in an immortal city, where you can explore freely, battle bosses, and uncover the mysteries of the world.

Cultivate various fairy spirits, adorn yourself with beautiful fashion items, and challenge dungeon monsters for rewards and legendary weapons.

Join guilds to defend against invaders, engage in guild wars, and cooperate with others. Compete globally in PVP battles, enhance your character's skills and equipment, and trade items easily through a stall system.
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇

Crasher: Nirvana

Crasher: Nirvana is a mobile MMORPG centered around martial arts. It offers a wide range of experiences, including open-world exploration, real-time combat, outfit customization, and diverse gameplay.

Dive into a mythical Wuxia adventure, roaming a vast map in an open-world mode. Customize your character with various costumes, pets, mounts, wings, and more. Engage in thrilling PVP battles and cross-server challenges, and participate in massive battlefields against powerful monsters.

The game also features an original trading system, allowing players to sell equipment and potentially strike it rich. Immerse yourself in this fantasy realm and start your journey in a world of martial arts and adventure.
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇

Astral Lord: Origin

Astral Lord: Origin" is a new fantasy MMORPG from 2023, inspired by a classic fantasy TV show. It transports you to a 360° world with no boundaries, delivering an immersive experience.

The game offers double drop rates and a valuable newcomer pack. The game boasts a rich story involving resisting chaos and the Dark Void, embracing immortality, and choosing the path of god or demon.

Customize your character's appearance with various face options, hair colors, and costumes. Progress by illuminating the Fate Chart, enhancing your strength in a unique way.
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇

Ghost Master: Survival

Ghost Master: Survival is an immersive Asian-style ghost-hunting MMO that took 3 years to develop. As a demon-taming master, you'll team up with other demon tamers to hunt ghosts and tame devils in an early 20th-century setting.

You'll use Taoist magic to defeat demons, ghosts, and devils, drawing from Asian folk culture. The game features a South-Asia-exclusive shaman master class with unique abilities. The fully 3D world brings early 20th-century towns to life, and you can team up with others to slay ghosts and find treasures.

With various interactive modes and an engaging story, this game offers a rich and immersive experience in the world of ghost hunting and demon taming.
Curious to see what the game looks like? Watch here 👇

And that is all we have for this top Wuxia games round-up! I hope I was at least able to bring something new to you my fellow mobile gamers, I upload top 10 mobile game videos weekly so if you are interested in that subscribe or keep checking back every week for a new game round-up.

Thanks a lot for hanging out with me today, this is your gaming buddy Jeffrey, you guys have happy gaming!

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