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Top 10 Best Survival Games for Mobile Recommendations in 2023


The survival genre is undeniably one of the most popular in mobile gaming,  and Over the past few years, survival games have exploded in popularity, providing players with a plethora of options to choose from. This abundance of choices can be a bit overwhelming at times, making it difficult to pick the right game to enjoy.
To make your search easier, we've compiled a list of the 10 best survival games for both Android and iOS that you can enjoy in 2023.

Let's dive into the untamed wilderness of mobile gaming and discover the gems that will test your survival instincts like never before!

Let's get to it.

10. Dawnlands

Dawnlands is an Open-World Survival Crafting cross-platform game with a massive world and epic lore.

In the game, players embark on a quest to awaken an ancient land. With a sprawling and awe-inspiring open world, adventurers have the freedom to discover different ecosystems, come across age-old relics, and unravel fascinating puzzles. This fantasy realm is teeming with potential, waiting to be discovered and shaped through the player’s actions.

What I really enjoy about this game is how it smoothly combines exploring, collecting resources, and building bases into a complete and immersive adventure. Whether you're out in the wild hunting for food and materials or creating complex buildings and defenses to safeguard your home from monsters, the game is designed to keep you captivated and engaged at every step.

The gameplay is fun and offers a variety of things to do and the graphics are absolutely great.


Undawn is an action-survival game that puts you into an expansive open world, where you can join forces or engage in epic battles with players from around the globe. Combining the best of third-person shooter gameplay and an extensive crafting system, you have the freedom to construct various structures, ranging from a simple wood shack to an enormous mansion full of luxury items.

Aside from its open-world freedom, Undawn weaves an intriguing narrative to follow. As you embark on essential missions, the story unfolds, revealing new areas to explore and powerful weapons to wield. Boss fights set in stunning environments also add thrilling challenges to your adventure.

The game not only competes with the popular Life After but also introduces its own unique features, providing a captivating alternative for players of the genre. With impressive graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game promises an immersive and visually striking experience, a hallmark of Tencent's exceptional productions.

Last Day On Earth

Now this one is the oldest game on this list but it doesn't mean it sucks. In fact, for most players, it's the opposite.

Last Day on Earth is a third-person MMORPG where you control one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Your goal is to survive and grow stronger in this harsh post-apocalyptic environment.

Last Day on earth survival is an intensive action game with one of the best graphical designs playable in an isometric perspective.

Overall, the Last Day on Earth survival game is really fun to play. It does a lot of positive things in the game. The best and worst part is that there are many activities to accomplish, but they're all enjoyable. It's a phenomenal survival game that will keep you entertained for hours as you try to survive against all odds.

Raft Survival: Multiplayer

I find this one kind of chilling and cozy kind of game. If you've heard about or played the famous PC game called Raft, Chances are you already know how this game works.

Raft Survival: Multiplayer is an online survival game where players control a shipwreck survivor who finds himself trapped in the middle of the ocean on a wooden raft with other survivors (no more than 10) controlled by players around the world. Your only goal is to survive.

It's an online ocean survival game that you can play with your friends! You will have to build a raft together, take resources from the ocean, and craft items to survive in the post-apocalypse.

It's a very fun survival game that offers a similar gaming experience to the legendary Raft on PC. The game also has great graphics and presents a really exciting challenge.

Now I'm sure some of you guys are looking for some fantasy-themed survival game so at number 6 we have


Chimeraland is an MMORPG where you dive into a big open world teeming with all kinds of creatures and monsters. What's cool about this game is it lets you explore a whole planet - on foot, by water, or in the air. It's a game that really pulls you in and pushes your skills with weapons and attacks to the limit, so you can stay alive.

In a game like this, it's normal to do stuff like making weapons and building homes for your character. You get to pick if you want to live by a mountain or a river. In Chimeraland, what happens to your character depends on the choices you make all the time.

If you are looking to play a survival role-playing game where there are no boundaries on its map, this game is a good choice.

Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG

Dead Wasteland: Survival 3D is a post-apocalyptic survival game set in a world devastated by a nuclear apocalypse. Players take on the role of survivors who must navigate through a desolate landscape, filled with ruins of cities and contaminated environments due to radiation. The goal is to rebuild their lives and survive in the middle of hostile and dangerous conditions.

The game offers an open-world map with procedurally generated locations, enemies, items, and encounters. Players can freely explore the desolate landscape to scavenge resources and find shelter. You will encounter various enemies such as wild animals, zombies, ghouls, mutants, aliens, and even robots who will try to kill you or steal your stuff.

The game can also be played without the need of an internet connection, providing you the opportunity to enjoy gaming even in areas where the internet is unreachable.

Sitting at number 4 is a game that gives you the experience of both battle royale combined with zombie apocalypse

Last Island of Survival

Last Island of Survival is an online survival game inspired by Ark and Utopia: Origin. You have to survive on a dangerous island, facing hunger and wild animals. But watch out for other players - they're your main threat!

Gather materials like wood, leather, rock, steel, and copper to build anything you want. Create walls, floors, stairs, and more. Your first mission is to build your home, so if your character dies, they'll respawn there.

Unlike Last Day on Earth, this game has a huge map to freely explore, but be careful - you can bump into other players anytime. The graphics are great, and you can adjust visual settings in the menu if needed


LifeAfter is a 3D action and survival game where you get to play one of the few survivors left standing after a zombie apocalypse. You'll have to look for shelter, create defenses, collaborate with other survivors and, of course, fight against tons of monstrous creatures.

For anyone wanting to do a little crafting on their lunch hour, LifeAfter will surely fit the bill. Base building is an integral part of the game and offers both functional and aesthetic options to improve your homestead. You are also able to farm plots of land to supplement your gathering efforts.

NetEase has been in the mobile market for a very long time, and it clearly reflects in LifeAfter. The gameplay is impressive, allowing you to play for a long time or in short 30-60 minute bursts while on the go. The only flaw is that it's almost too big for the platform it was meant for, but overall, the developers have done a fantastic job.

Lifeafter is an excellent open-world survival game that, despite having a strong online component, it still lets you play at your own pace, fighting mostly against monsters

Lost Future

Lost Future is a role-playing game developed by Social Quantum spe
cifically for iOS that offers an impressive console-quality experience with its captivating story and impressive graphics.

Lost Future is an Openworld game set in the near future, where the world is overrun by zombies. As a player, you'll have to fight these zombies in an open-world environment. The game also features a captivating story, stunning animations, and realistic graphics that you can absolutely enjoy on your iOS devices.

The game takes place in the fall of the year 2035, in the foothills of the Appalachians where you'll play as a hero of your choice, and your main objective is to stay alive in the harsh conditions of a post-apocalyptic world. This means finding food, building shelter, and battling hordes of walking dead.

If you're an iOS gamer, this game is must try survival RPG.

Mission Evo

If you've heard or played Rust before and you're looking to play that game on mobile, Mission Evo is definitely the game that can give you the feel of playing Rust on your Android or ios devices. The game offers stunning 3d graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5. This leap in technology will allow you to enjoy impressive textures that will provide outstanding realism to each scene in which you are immersed.
In addition, Nuverse promises that the game features no pay-to-win elements, meaning this game promises to be a true test of skill for players. In terms of graphics, gameplay, and monetization model, Mission Evo is the best game in this genre so far.

That is all I have for this video my fellow mobile gamers, I hope I was able to find you some survival games to play on your mobile devices and if I did, I would absolutely appreciate it if you could like the video and subscribe to the channel, as that would absolutely help small channels and content creators like me.

Thanks a lot for hanging out with me today, this is your gaming buddy Jefrey, and this has been gaming at max. see you in the next article and Happy gaming friends!

Before we move on to the next game though, let me just take a brief moment to introduce you to an awesome tower defense survival game, defense derby.

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