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Top 15 New Mobile Games of Q1 2024 - New Android/iOS Games 2024

Mobile gaming has become an integral part of some of our daily lives, providing entertainment and engagement on the go. As we enter 2024, the world of mobile games continues to evolve, with many new releases in recent times.

This is why Today, I'm back with the top 15 new mobile games roundup of the first quarter of 2024 for you to enjoy on your Android and iOS devices.

15. World of the Abyss: online RPG

World of the Abyss: online RPG is a fantasy MMORPG game for mobile where you can explore a magical open world, battle monsters, learn skill trees, and level up your characters. The game offers real 3D graphics with a unique visual style. Combat is engaging with a PvP system that turns battles into intense rivalries.

This game is quite nice because it's got no autoplay blockchain integration or NFTs so if free to play or f2p games pick your interest, then this might be for you

14. Cyber Realm

This one just recently launched officially, Cyber Realm is a 3D open-world adventure with a cyberpunk twist.

In this game, you'll explore a vast city filled with mechs, magic, and mythical creatures. You'll master powerful mechs and supernatural powers in real-time battles, and team up with other players to take on epic bosses.

Also, there's a huge wardrobe of outfits to unlock and customize your character. It's quite a decent MMO for mobile and I think you'd love it.

13. Dragon Crossing

It's an RPG where you explore this world and you can do all sorts of things like collect resources, decorate your home, and even go on adventures on an airship. There's a bunch of stuff you can do, like farming, crafting, and trading.

In addition, there's this whole dragon and pet aspect, where you can find pets and even raise dragons. The game changes with the seasons, so there's always something new to discover. Oh, and you can also interact with other players and join towns and communities. It's kind of like living in this fantasy world where you can do anything you want.

12. Devil Knights Idle

Devil Knights Idle is a Hack & Slash action RPG game where you join the journey to regain the lost power of the devil. Grow your very own Devil Knight and make it stronger as you play! It offers the joy of easy growth and has skills packed with action and thrilling hits.

There's also a Devil promotion system that allows your character to transform into a powerful devil. Explore diverse dungeons to farm various items for level-ups and a lot more. If you're a fan of idle RPGs, this might be a blast for you.

11. Rise Of Brickworld

You play as Captain Edward, who lands on a misty island and has to help the villagers build a wall to fend off a tsunami.

The island is full of surprises, from dungeons to fierce beasts, and you even get to recruit legendary heroes to help you out, like Magellan! In addition, there are PvP battles for some added excitement. It's super fun and addicting

10. Pinocchio Hero : IDLE RPG

This game introduces an adorable yet powerful hero - Pinocchio, Pinocchio automatically switches weapons to take down monsters, with a variety of bone-breaking mallets, accurate bows and arrows, unbreakable swords, and all-round magic staffs.

All the skills are automatic, so you just need to equip him with the best skills and watch him swipe the battlefield. Quite an easy game but fun

9. Adventurers Mobile

This is an action-packed adventure game where you play as a young explorer hunting for the treasure of Mansa Musa, the wealthiest man in history. You'll travel through bustling markets, dense jungles, and ancient ruins, dodging traps and solving puzzles along the way.

The graphics are amazing, and there are boss battles and hidden treasures to discover. It's super addictive and perfect for a bit of adventure on the go

8. Sonic Mania Plus

Sonic Mania Plus this one brings back the '90s nostalgia with a modern twist! Play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles and run, jump, and collect gold rings to save the world from Dr. Eggman's evil robot army. Explore classic zones, solve secret puzzles, and relive epic boss fights in this remixed retro platformer.

Developed by Sonic fans, Sonic Mania Plus is the ultimate celebration of the world's fastest blue hedgehog. Perfect for longtime fans and newcomers alike. oh, and this is a Netflix game so Netflix membership is required.

7. Era of Lorencia

Era of Lorencia is a classic MMORPG that's been adapted for mobile. It's got all the nostalgic feel from the original PC version but with upgraded graphics and gameplay. The interface is optimized for mobile, so you can hunt Golden Bosses, take on Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, and explore iconic locations like Lorencia, Noria, and Davias.

In addition, there are four legendary character classes to choose from: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf, and Dark Lord. It's like taking a trip down memory lane while experiencing something new.

6. Dead Town - Zombie Games

Dead Town is a thrilling action-packed game where players must fight through hordes of zombies using a variety of weapons from assault rifles to explosives. Basically, you've got to survive against waves of zombies using different weapons like assault rifles and explosives.

It's all about fast reflexes and accurate shooting to stay alive. And as you keep playing, you uncover some really cool stories about how the zombie outbreak started and what happened during the apocalypse.

5. Mega Zombie M

It's a nice-looking Third-Person Shooter with a zombie apocalypse theme, and it's now on mobile after being big on PS4. this is a game where you can fight zombies or other players in PVP and PVE modes, either solo or with friends.

Also, there are tons of customization options with 250 character items to choose from, each with different abilities. The maps change all the time, so every match is different and exciting. It's quite a blast.

4. ROM: Remember of majesty

ROM: Remember Of Majesty is an MMO available both on PC and mobile devices. The game's all about battling it out on a global scale, with players from all over the world fighting for glory and power. You'll be part of a grand story that unfolds across five continents, with campaigns ranging from Territory Wars and Siege Wars to the War of Monarchs.

There's also a robust trading system, where you can buy and sell items with other players, and a leveling-up system that includes cool stuff like costumes and guardians. This one's got really nice modern graphics and gives off a similar vibe to Diablo.

3. Kingdom the blood

Kingdom the Blood is one of those promising hardcore games that are dubbed as a souls-like game for mobile.

This is an action-packed game set in a zombie-infested Joseon Korea during its last royal dynasty. The game incorporates traditional Korean outfits and architecture and features control-based action powered by Unreal Engine.

When it comes to combat. it feels really great, you'll have these exciting combat features such as dodging, parrying, and a lot more. the storyline is also impressive. makes you feel like living in a novel.

2. Eggy Party

Eggy Party is a really cool and fun game by NetEase Games where you get to let your creativity run wild! You start by customizing your own Eggy avatar and building your dream world. You can create mazes, obstacle courses, and whatever else you can think of.

Additionally, you can team up with friends and explore tons of different activities and mini-games. There's always something new to discover in this game. while some people might find the design quite cartoonish, this game is definitely enjoyable.

1. Warframe mobile

Now I'm sure most of you guys already know what this game is about. but for some that don't yet, warframe is an awesome mobile port of the already well-known PC and console game, warframe.

In the game, You play the role of a Tenno, and you get to explore this massive sci-fi universe, leveling up your Warframe and building an Arsenal of powerful weapons.

You can team up with friends and play co-op missions, or explore open-world landscapes and engage in ship-to-ship battles. And the best part is You can customize everything from your Warframe to your weapons and even your spaceship. It's a lot of fun.

But at the time of making this video, Warframe Mobile is only available on iOS devices. Android version will soon follow through

There you go mobile gamers! those are the top 15 best new mobile games of the first quarter of 2024. I hope you found this article informative! check my other articles for more top mobile games

Thanks a lot for hanging out with me today, this has been Gamingatmax and I will see you in the next video. peace out.

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