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Racing Master Closed Beta Test has already started - How to get it installed

Netease announced a game they claimed to be an ultra-realistic car game ever made for mobile back in 2021. Since then, Racing Master has gained massive popularity all over the world for its breathtaking graphics.

Racing Master has held two closed beta tests in the past and has now just entered its third phase of the closed beta test. The third beta test was announced on their official discord channel and other official social media platforms along with information about what updates were to be included during its phase. 

Some of the details they announced for this beta test phase are as follows:

The CBT will be exclusive to only Android users with Canadian IP addresses

Since Racing Master has already completed 2 phases of closed beta tests in America and Canada previously, mobile gaming enthusiasts were expecting Netease to hold the third CBT in other regions. Netease has yet to announce when the CBT for other regions would start and while its a bummer for other racing enthusiasts from all over the world who were hyped about getting their hands on the game, It's a good thing that there are workaround on how to get the game installed on your phone even if you are not a resident in Canada.

The game can be accessed through a VPN but the challenging part is how to get the game installed on one's phone who is not in Canada. As of the time of making this article, there is no APK for the latest android client of the game which means the only way to download Racing Master is through google play.

If you do not own a Canadian Google Play account you may follow the instructions below on how to create one:

1. Connect to any Canada VPN server

2. open Playstore

3. Tap your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen

4. Tap the drop-down arrow

5. Tap "Add another account"

6. Create an account and go through the account creation process

7. Sign in with the account you just created if it doesn't auto sign in

8. Search the game on the play store and install it.

9. Once downloaded, launch the game while still connected to the VPN as it won't allow you to access it if you have a non-Canadian IP address.


Racing Master has announced that all data will be wiped when the test ends which is pretty normal as it also happens to most CBT games ever completed in history. However, account information and purchase history will be kept for refund purposes.


Racing Master has also announced that they will be including monetized features during the phase. Players will have the ability to purchase in-game items through Google Play with real currencies which will then be refunded in diamonds once the game officially launches in the region.

Here is a gameplay of Racing Master:


The games link on Google Play is currently not available as it was just on beta test when I played it. I will update this as soon as the game is officially out so stay tuned friends! or you could also subscribe to my YouTube channel, I upload latest gameplay, news, and updates related to mobile gaming there.

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