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The Sword - A new Russian Android MMORPG

The Sword, A Korean Android MMORPG published by Espritgames is now available for you to play. For those who have not heard of this company, EspritGames is an Android game developer that started in 2019. The current app portfolio contains 12 games, which are all listed in the category "Role Playing".

The Sword is an open-world type MMORPG that has an interesting plot that will immerse you in dark fantasy, You venture together with adventurers to protect the world from terrible demons. You take and complete quests to gain fantastic rewards that would, later on, be helpful in making your character stronger.

Graphics and performance

When I played the game, I was amazed at how optimized the graphics are. there were almost no frame stutters while I was running around with lots of NPCs, Monsters, and other players on the way.

With the quality of the graphics the game has, you probably won't expect that android phones with snapdragon 865 and 870 chipsets can run the game at stable 60fps, well, I tried playing the game on those phones and it surprisingly ran at a stable 60fps. there were a few drops on the 865 but for the most part, the game was running just fine.

Monetization model

As for the game's monetization model, yes, The Sword is pay-to-win. I mean, if you are familiar with how Korean MMOs work, that shouldn't be a surprise. 


The Sword definitely has good combat effects but when I played it, aside from the lag I was experiencing, The skills and combat are also clunky, There were lots of times where I felt that the combat is too slow even though I was playing a class that specialize in speed.

Overall, the game is good but you can't really expect anything aside from better visuals.

Here is a gameplay for you to check out:

Here are the links you need to be able to play the game:

Playstore: LINK

Appstore (RU): LINK


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