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Top 10 New Mobile Games as of June 2024

It's incredible how fast time flies and in just about a month more we're gonna reach the halfway point of 2024 and yet, here we are, still hoping to find the right mobile game that can get us hooked, especially on the go.

The mobile gaming market is huge tho, so there are always games coming out monthly, which is why today, we're back with another roundup of 10 new mobile games available on our Android and iOS devices for Updated as of June 2024

Without further ado, Let's get to it!

Watch the gameplay of each games here:

10. Flame Of Valhalla

Flame of Valhalla is an MMORPG that puts players into the enchanting open-world realm of Asgard, where the World Tree Yggdrasil has been shattered by a cataclysmic event, scattering fragments imbued with sacred energy across the cosmos.

In the game, players embark on an epic Nordic fantasy adventure, exploring a vast open world teeming with realistic weather dynamics and nice-looking landscapes.

Gameplay-wise, the game has an autoplay feature and quite p2w but that's to be expected from mobile MMORPGs so there's kinda no surprise there but I'm quite impressed by the game's graphics.

You will have 5 gender-locked classes to choose between. Knight, Mage, Archer, Warrior, And Astrologer. Although you are able to rotate the camera, The game is set and locked in an isometric perspective where your view would always be from above.

moving on to number 9 we have

Light of the Stars

This is a Gacha game where you're role is to be the commander of a team of heroes. It's a blend of idle RPG and tower defense where you set up a team and strategically deploy them to positions that you think is strategically effective to win each match.

It's like medieval warfare where your troops and the enemy's troops will march toward each other with a common goal of winning the battle.

You can choose your gender at the start of the game
and when starting the game you'll be greeted with a really nice storyline that explains the game's lore

In Light of the Stars, players embark on a journey to save a world plunged into chaos and darkness by endless wars and calamities. As the child of the Solar King, they lead a band of heroes representing constellations, each empowered with special abilities.

I find this game fun, the visuals, music, and storyline are also really nice in my opinion. in addition, the game is generous enough to give you free 10 times summon every now and then.

Zombie State

Zombie State: Roguelike FPS immerses players in a thrilling post-apocalyptic world teeming with undead horrors. Blending first-person shooter action with roguelike elements, players utilize characters' unique abilities to survive relentless zombie assaults.

With a diverse arsenal of weapons and equipment to unlock, each mission becomes an opportunity to bolster strength and outsmart mutated foes.

I've had a good time playing this game in my spare time, I mean this is a really good time-killer game in my opinion. Although this game doesn't really require a lot of skill as it just auto-fires as soon as you aim at the enemy it can definitely give you a decent thrill to kinda immerse yourself in this post-apocalyptic setting.

Oh and this game is surprisingly popular, I mean it just came out recently but take a look at their download count on PlayStore alone, it has already reached over 500 thousand. quite interesting really.

Greed Game

This one is basically a battle royale that uses sword and magic set in a medieval world of knights and mages.

Greed Game is a PvPvE Dungeon Crawler where you assemble a team or go solo to explore treacherous depths filled with both untold riches and formidable foes. Engage in intense PvPvE combat, battling monsters and other players for their loot and equipment. You choose from various classes and tactics to craft a unique combat style, balancing risk and reward as you invest in gear and props for each adventure.

There's not really much I could say about this game, as it seems to be made for casual gamers who are only looking for games to kill time, but I can definitely say it's decent.

It's simple but can be very engaging. The graphics and music also add to the game's appeal. The environment when you are in a dungeon also feels good, with all the ambiance contributing to the immersion

Warfare 1942

Warfare 1942 puts players into the heart of World War II, offering historically battlefields, weaponry, and uniforms.

There's not really much to say about this game other than it's a third-person shooter set in the World War 2 era with some usual shooter game modes like Deathmatch but it's a great game to pass time or if you are simply just looking for new TPS games to play.

The graphics are decent in my opinion though

Super Dragon Punch Force 3

This is a retro arcade-style fighting game that gives you some street fighting and Tekken-style of gameplay

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is a dynamic, free-to-play fighting game that offers fast-paced 1-v-1 battles and a diverse roster of unique characters. Whether you're new to fighting games or a seasoned pro, the game promises thrilling combat experiences.

The game has multiple modes such as PVE where you get to fight with AI opponents or PVP where you can fight other players in real time and climb the leaderboard.

It also seems to offer cosmetics that you could use to make your character a little bit unique. You could also have a private match with a friend which is great if you'd like to spend some time playing with friends.

In addition, it also features cross-platform support between PC and mobile and full controller compatibility. Quite a nice game if you asked me.

World Eternal Online

This game describes itself as a new game at the intersection of RPG, MMO, and MOBA.

In the game, you descend into the world of Althea in a battle royale kind of setting where you'll have modes to choose from such as PVE, PVP, Open area bosses, and hero collection. The game is set in an isometric perspective where you'll have a clear view of what's happening around you.

It currently has 2 game modes to play. There's the hunt mode where you compete with other players and defeat as many monsters as possible.

In that game mode, you will do your best to steal the first rank by collecting stars that monsters drop when you defeat them.

The second mode is extraction PVP where you are transported to a battlefield with other players to hunt each other.

This game is pretty fun in my opinion, but since it's still quite new, bugs and optimization issues are to be expected.

Summon Dragon 2

Summon Dragons 2 is gacha game that's kind of a combination of a kingdom-building game and idle RPG where you build a team of dragons to confront enemies in each stage.

In the game, players embark on an epic journey from a secluded ocean plot to becoming a legendary Dragonlord. As you build your dragon sanctuary, summon powerful dragons, and recruit skilled trainers, you'll explore dungeons and instances, each requiring strategic line-ups and tactics.

Customize your island, nurture diverse dragons with unique abilities, and equip them with exclusive weapons to conquer formidable foes.

The game is actually quite rewarding and constantly gives you free diamonds you could use to summon new dragons to add to your dragon arsenal.

It's an Ok game in my opinion, but although the game is generous in its reward system, it can also be very expensive as it seems to only give free summons for basic and epic-tier dragons.

Solo leveling Arise

Solo Leveling has just gone global, which means we can all now enjoy this exhilarating action RPG developed by Netmarble.

This game is probably the best ARPG to have come out on mobile in the first half of 2024. I mean, I'm pretty sure most of you guys who are watching this video are already aware of how good the Solo Leveling Manhua is, and we are now able to relive its world where gates, hunters, and monsters exist.

Now, there's a lot to be said about this game, but I'll leave that to those experienced reviewers you can find on YouTube. But really, the action and combat in this game (not to mention the storyline) are all great.

it's not a perfect game though, of course; and there are also some negative aspects about it, but it's new, and the developers are constantly working on making the game better, so I guess we'll just have to see how it goes in the future.

Nevertheless, Solo Leveling Arise is one of the best options when it comes to action RPGs out there for mobile.

Dark and light Mobile

Now some of you guys might have heard of Dark and Light. a PC game that was quite popular about half a decade ago. Snail Games, it's developer, remade the game and added cross-play compatibility as well as newer-looking graphics and a different storyline.

Dark and Light Mobile is a survival video game that immerses players in a vast open fantasy world full of mystery and adventure. In the game, players must face powerful enemies and discover the secrets hidden in the world of Gaia, while forging alliances and exploring breathtaking landscapes.

Dark And Light Describes Itself as a vast sandbox survival game set in a world dominated by powerful elemental forces where you must fight mythical creatures, craft gear, shelter, and weapons to survive.

You can get your own permanent territory in this huge land and build your home, in addition to that, you can also tame monsters and get them to become your mount or pet that helps you fend off enemies.

I have played the game for hours and I'm actually quite impressed by how stunning the game is. Although it is of course not perfect and most definitely not for everyone, it still is a decent online survival game that can easily grab your attention and make you spend hours playing.

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