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Top 10 Best New Mobile Games of May 2024

 Hey there, my fellow mobile gamers! Welcome to GamingAtMax! In today's video, we'll take a look at the top 10 new mobile games for the month of May!

This roundup contains some appealing games, especially for those who are tired of playing their current game or are simply looking for something new to play on their mobile devices.

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10. Drive Division

Drive Division is an adrenaline-fueled automotive game where players engage in high-speed races, exhilarating drifts, and extensive car customization. With daily challenges and rewards, players can enhance their skills and progress, while taking control of 32 iconic cars, each customizable to reflect their style.

Various game modes such as Checkpoint Time Attack, Drift Rush, Paid Drift Practice, and Free Roam offer diverse challenges and opportunities to master driving techniques and earn rewards, providing an immersive experience in the ultimate showdown of speed and style.

Graphics are also good so if you're looking for a simple yet fun racing game, this is for you.

9. Guns & Gangs

Guns & Gangs is a multiplayer shooter FPS game where players crew up to dominate the gritty urban warzone streets. In this action-packed deathmatch, strategic load-outs are key as players aim to climb to the top of the power ranks.

With customizable weapons and unlockable characters, every player can tailor their arsenal to their unique combat style. Designed for mobile, Guns & Gangs offers smooth shooting action and stunning graphics for thrilling gameplay on the go.

This is a very familiar game as it seems to be inspired by Valorant and CSGO. if you're into shooter games and are looking for something new, there you go.


FIRESKY is a dynamic fantasy RPG where players embark on a thrilling journey, battling enemies and uncovering a deep, dark narrative set in a world engulfed in an ancient war. With captivating characters and lush environments, players collect heroes and cards to craft powerful weapons, all while striving to become the ultimate guardian in the universe.

Whether delving into the extensive story mode or engaging in intense PVP battles, FIRESKY offers strategic depth and immersive gameplay, inviting players to master their skills and unravel the mysteries of the multiverse to defeat the formidable Demon King and his army.

In the game, you basically just dodge enemy attacks and then counterattack when you see an opportunity. This game is quite decent especially if you are into ancient-themed action games. It's got some nice-looking graphics too.

7. Maiden Academy: Idle RPG

Maiden Academy offers an engaging idle strategy experience where players arrange their battle companions strategically to fend off invaders. With over 60 heroes to collect and cultivate, players can enjoy the thrill of assembling a powerful team.

By drawing heroes, increasing combat power, and developing battle strategies, players can overcome increasingly powerful enemies. The game features various gameplay modes and allows for offline earnings, ensuring a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience for fans of casual, collecting, and Gacha games alike.

If you're a Gacha gamer or a fan of idle games, this might be for you.

6. FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight

For those Anime enthusiasts out there, The first Fairy Tail English version is finally here and it's available on both Android and iOS.
FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight is a brand-new official 3D action mobile game that combines elements of ARPG and magic, inviting players to experience the intense and passionate anime storyline of FAIRY TAIL.

Engage in intense 3D battles, strategically utilizing diverse wizard types and unique counter relationships to defeat nearly 40 wizards in detailed environments. With original voice actors and immersive gameplay, including PvP battles, challenging bosses, and various quests, players embark on a thrilling adventure to build the ultimate team and sharpen their combat skills. This would be quite a nice addition to the anime ARPG collection.

5. ASTRA: Knights of Veda

This is a captivating tactical side-scrolling action game fantasy adventure set in a continent oppressed by the ruthless 'Mad King' Magnus, where you embody the new 'Master of the Book' guided by Veda's wings to challenge the darkness.

Through stunning artwork and immersive storytelling, players embark on a journey through a meticulously crafted world filled with mystery and allure. With each knight offering unique abilities and weapons, players assemble a team tailored to their playstyle to conquer challenging dungeons.

With its deep narrative and expansive cutscenes, ASTRA: Knights of Veda promises a richly woven experience that seamlessly blends thrilling action with a hauntingly beautiful fantasy world. If you're into anime games or JRPGs, I'm sure you'll like this one.

4. Junkineering

In Junkineering, a turn-based RPG, players venture into a post-apocalyptic world where they craft a squad of robots using everyday junk, animated by an AI-core brain. Encounter a variety of enemies in iconic locations, traverse vibrant wastelands, and partake in PvP battles for an ironic-filled adventure.

The game's quirky design and animation are actually quite decent. You'll face weird creatures such as poisonous-looking rats whose bones are sticking out. I personally think this game is fun. definitely a good one to kill time.

3. Night Crows

I originally didn't want to include this game on this list because of how bad it is, but hey, it's a new game after all which is what this video is all about.

NIGHT CROWS puts players in a 13th-century European continent brimming with sword and magic where chaos reigns supreme. Now, the game might look good because of it being made with Unreal Engine 5 and brings realistic graphics but the gameplay is really awful in my opinion. It's extremely slow you wouldn't want to continue playing.

I am not against autoplay even though I'm not a fan of it but in Night Crows, you'll will simply be overwhelmed with the auto which is why the game only received negative feedback from players.

2. Solo leveling: Arise

This game is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Solo Leveling Arise invites players to embark on a world-changing "Level Up" journey, based on the legendary webtoon with over 14.3 billion global views, now transformed into an action RPG. In the game, you play as Jinwoo, the weakest hunter who evolves into the strongest, and experience his gripping story while uncovering all-new tales developed exclusively for the game.

Enjoy high-quality graphics that bring the webtoon to life, and immerse yourself in thrilling combat where gear and skills influence your fighting style. Encounter fan-favorite hunters from the original story, such as Choi Jong-In and Baek Yoonho, and build diverse teams to tackle shifting dungeons and powerful bosses. Command Shadow Soldiers, recruit allies, and conquer various game modes, including dungeon raids and boss encounters, to become the Monarch of Shadows.

1. Call of duty warzone mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile brings the iconic Call of Duty® action to your fingertips with innovative FPS Battle Royale gameplay. I'm pretty sure most of us know what this game is about but for those who don't this is the most popular battle royale game on PC and console right now.

With high-quality graphics and customizable controls, personalize your loadouts and dominate the battlefield. Experience the highest live player count in any mobile FPS Battle Royale game, and take your progress with you anywhere thanks to cross-progression technology.

Now, as most of us know, Warzone Mobile received so much negative feedback especially from Android users because the game is seemingly not ready yet for most phones on the Android platform but Activision is constantly working on patches and updates to get the game to run with less issues on android phones. the game is still new after all.

There you go, mobile gamers! Those were the top 10 New Mobile for the month of March 2024. I hope you found this video informative! if you did, consider supporting us by liking the video and subscribing to the channel, it's free and you get to make us happy.

Thank you very much for hanging out with me today, this has been gamingatmax and I will see you in the next video. peace out.

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