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Top 10 Best Most Popular Gacha Anime RPG Games For Android and iOS in 2023

Gacha games have been very popular and it is easy to see why! More and more players are trying out this type of game and getting hooked on the gameplay. But when you're a novice, it can be difficult to figure out which gacha game to choose.

Hey there my fellow mobile gamers, In this article, we’re gonna look back at the top 10 most popular gacha games for android and ios in the year 2023

Watch here to see gameplay for each of these games 

10. Seven mortal sins X-tasy

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is a cross-media production project launched by a publisher called Hobby Japan, whose IP content includes manga and animation. It is a Japanese RPG that continues its animation and original voice actors. 

The game has nice 2d art, the overall theme is decent, good voiceovers and you get free summons daily but the daily loop gets old fast. Also, there have been complaints everywhere about the arena being p2w which is why I had to put this at the bottom of this list.

The game is fun, though. The character interactions are entertaining and the odds when rolling are the same as the rest of the gacha games and the game rewards players with constant gacha currencies for their time.



9. Blue Archive

Blue Archive is an anime-style RPG where you lead a group of small school girl kind of heroines as they fight to save the city from countless enemy attacks. This is an RPG where spending time with the characters and bonding with them is just as vital as winning battles.

The game offers a very engaging storyline with an ok character design even though it kinda makes some people uncomfortable given how child-looking the characters are, you know what I mean. the game style is good for beginners, they give you a bunch of pyroxenes so you can instantly recruit a character

This RPG has amazing production value, including dubbing for all the heroines, which makes the narrative scenes inspired by visual novels much more enjoyable.


8. Path to nowhere

Path to Nowhere is an SRPG with tower defense kind of gameplay that transports you to a cyberpunk universe. As you explore new areas of this post-apocalyptic universe, you will stumble upon several opponents.

this game has some of the best voice acting in a gacha game I've ever seen with a lot of dark narrative and a lot of interesting characters. this is a tactical RPG that gets very difficult as your progress

The game is great, the characters are exciting and unique, the story is immersive, and the soundtrack is beautiful but the thing that makes this game difficult to continue playing is unlike other gacha games,  as you progress further in path to nowhere, the mats and resources you'll need are getting way harder and harder to get.

the game is really good in other things apart from that which made this game one of the most popular and most downloaded gacha game in 2022.


7. Alice Fiction

Alice Fiction is an RPG where you suddenly appear in a virtual universe called ALICE that's full of characters and elements waiting to be discovered. Your goal in this game is to use each character's numerous skills to attack enemies in intense battles.

The game is quite good and the character's designs are very amazing. Also, the game is very generous to beginners, they give us a sweet amount of gacha currencies to pull for our favorite characters making it free-to-play friendly.

Alice fiction, however, often experiences lags and frame drops that make it seem that game hasn't been optimized for an official launch , though, The game is very appealing because of the beautiful graphics and generous rewards from instances


6. Goddes Of Victory: Nikke

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory is an action-packed RPG in which you control a troop of warriors on a mission to destroy evil across a huge universe. Numerous evil beings are appearing throughout the map, and you will have to unleash a whole arsenal of weapons and skills for peace to reign once more.

Looking at the game, you can definitely tell why this game is one of the most downloaded gacha game of this year, not only due to the characters provoking designs, the game also features a good story line and gameplay earning it over 4 million downloads and making more than 70 million dollars globally surpassing genshin impact which has only made an estimated amount of 60 million dollars globally.


5. Mementomori

MementoMori: AFKRPG is an idle RPG that immerses you in a world with a distinct style, breathtaking beauty, and unforgettable details. It also boasts a unique soundtrack performed by a variety of performers, which is why the developers encourage players to play with headphones.

The game's epic and sad story urge you to fight against the powers of evil with the help of these witches. This game features an idle mechanic where you can earn materials as well as an auto-battler combat system where you will encounter a variety of monsters. You can obtain unique witches, each with their own set of talents and stats, which you can combine to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

It's a brand-new gacha that earned over 500 thousand new downloads in just its first month of release and made 16 million dollars globally in just a short period of time.


4. Counterside

Counterside is a unique 2D tower defense gacha game mashup in which we control a military firm that deploys superpowered gorgeous agents to fight the corrupted evil that is attempting to take over the planet. There is a story mode, raids, dungeons, and a pvp mode in the game. The game is also periodically updated with new units and events that reward materials used for improvements.

The game is very much popular with gacha gamers with over a million downloads on the US play store and who knows how many times it's been downloaded worldwide.


3. Soul tide

Soul Tide is an original title that combines anime girl collection, home simulation, and dungeon exploration set in a fantasy world where witches bring disaster upon the land, and players are destined to turn the tide.

This game utilizes turn-based combat and chapters consist of several missions, a selection of puzzles that requires you to navigate

its a peculiar little game but it is something that would leave players continuing to push through stage after stage as it gives players a high amount of curiosity about what would happen next

This is a beautiful game that leaves players with a sense of curiosity 


2. punishing gray raven

punishing gray raven is so far the best gacha game in terms of action and combat. it's way uncontested in that players even say that even genshin and honkai pale in comparison. 

its an action RPG anime game that offers a decent amount of complexity, a very engaging story and casts of characters, and some pretty stunning visuals for the hardware it's running on. 

it has a simple yet complex combat system that works without being too overbearing.

 The game is also f2p friendly and the materials needed for upgrades are all farmable which is great.

ther's a narative worth investing yourself in, a variety of different game modes such as multiplayer and crossplatform functionality


1. Genshin Impact

Genshin impact is easily the highest quality and most popular gacha game on any platform. and even though everyone already knows this, it is also worth mentioning that there's not a single gacha game on mobile platforms that even comes close to it in terms of beauty. 

storyline, narrative, visuals, everything in this game keeps progressively getting better with each major patch. and with all the recent updates, the game has become extraordinary in its field.

It's a fully open-world RPG in which you reach and go as far as you can see and fight every monster that is scattered around all while collecting materials for progression and all other features that other mobile gacha games have never been able to offer before. 


That wraps up this list of top gacha games. I hope you found this round-up helpful, also please like the video and subscribe to the channel as that would absolutely help this channel grow Subscribe here: GamingAtMax

that will be all for now, I hope you guys stay safe out there and I will see you in the next one. peace out!

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