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Top 10 Android Games in 2023 - New Mobile Games for both Android and iOS 2023

Top 10 Best New Mobile Games of 2023 for Android and iOS With High-Quality Graphics

PlayStore and Appstore tend to be pretty static when it comes to highlighting worthwhile apps and games, often floating content that's filled with no good monetization. This is why we here at GamingAtMax have picked the quality Latest and New games to showcase on your favorite Android phone, and today's list is the head of the pack, with our hand-picked selection of the best new games of 2023 across all genres. So if you're tired of wading through mediocrity that's vying to empty your wallet, you've come to the right channel.

You know, It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that most people fell in love with gaming after they grew invested in a role-playing game that kept them occupied for hours on end

and Role Playing Games have greatly improved over the last few years, especially for mobile 

So we've rounded up some of the best RPGs for android and ios for you to pick! and with these new android games, you would surely find one you would like to play.

Watch the video below to see the gameplay of each game

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10. Over Heroes

This is a 5v5 tower pushing and shooting game in which players will need to destroy tiers of defensive towers with their teammates before destroying the opponent's crystal.

In the game, the player plays the role of a shooter who can fly into the sky, a warrior who can take charge of his own work, and a druid who summons various monsters.

There are also a variety of attack methods. Melee, firearms, and spells are all available. Each hero has its own unique skills, which greatly improves the operability of the game.

Also, the game has excellent performance optimization technology, which can run smoothly under the premise that the special effects are very gorgeous, and low-end mobile phones can also play smoothly.


9. Shadow Slayer: The Dark Impact

this one is a hack-and-slash style game with some action role-playing games. The game comes with an inspiring story about a world called Foliga, which was once peaceful, but suddenly evil and darkness took over. 

So, as you are the main character here, you will deal with the undead monsters running here and there to make this Foliga world a peaceful one again.

EXPLORE, SLAY & LEVEL UP is the very concept of the game. You basically battle fierce enemies, unlock skills, and power up your hero to the max


8. Epic Ape Madness: MMO Survival

This is a multiplayer RPG game in which you explore an open world where humans have never existed. You take the role of a monkey or... an ape and try to survive in the harsh city of Apepire. Form gangs, fight other monkeys, and be the last fighter standing in the crazy world of Epic Ape Madness 


7. Rush Angel

Rush Angel is one of the best mobile F2P action games of the Roguelike genre with RPG and Metroidvania elements.

This game has won the Unreal Engine Dev Contest 2021 as the best mobile game in 4 categories.

In the game, You must untangle the clew of obscurities and the motives of others in order to put all the pieces of the past together. After that, you will see all the consequences of one person's desire to change the world for the better.

Your goal is to gain your freedom. Fight your way through hordes of enemies and many dangerous traps, fight epic bosses and explore a variety of locations.


6. Another World Hero - Idle RPG

Another World Hero - Idle RPG is a new Role Playing Game in which you set up your own squad to battle against demons and elemental monsters.

The game features Offline idle rewards, In-game chatting, Various dungeons to raid, and a lot more.

If you like AFK Role-playing games, then you might wanna try this one.


5. Racing Legend Funzy

Racing Legend Funzy is a Car game for Android that transports you to different urban race tracks where you can have fun driving in exciting races. Your main goal during each game is to put the pedal to the metal in each car to overtake all your opponents and cross the finish line in first position.

Racing Legend Funzy lets you choose the appearance of your driver before starting your first races. Similarly, you can modify the different characteristics of the cars that you unlock in the garage. This way, in each race, you can enjoy all the horsepower you give to each vehicle.


4. Myth: Gods of Asgard

Myth: Gods of Asgard is an elaborately developed action RPG based on Norse mythology. By participating in the epic wars and defeating legendary powerful BOSS including Nidhogg, Fenrir, and JΓΆrmungandr, you'll enjoy the ultimate exhilaration of Hack 'n' Slash, fighting against the fate of Ragnarok!

It's a Hack 'N' Slash game with verisimilar slashing sensations and splendid skill effects that make each of your battles immortal.

Your combat talent determines the outcome. The key to winning the BOSS lies in flexible dodge and correct attack timing.


3. Eversoul

Eversoul is an RPG and strategy game for Android devices in which you travel through the multiverse to protect a parallel world from danger.

In the game, your adventure begins when you are summoned to save a world threatened by the forces of chaos. To do so, you'll have to acquire souls and form your own team with the characters you get. Each of these souls belongs to one of the six factions in the world and possesses special abilities that determine their role on the battlefield.


2.  Micro Survivor

It's game in which you play a role of a character who wakes up as small as an ant and instantly at the bottom of the food chain.

It's an interesting survival mobile game that looks very similar to the popular console/PC game titled Grounded.

You will work for hand in hand with your friends to search for useful resources and materials to survive on your own in this dangerous new environment. Teamwork is literally the dreamwork over here. The more friends you will have around you the further you will survive in the game, just like a colony of Ants.


1. Ezetta Prophecy

This is a fantasy RPG with a real-time strategy where you battle through stunning visuals and epic turn-based combat.

In the game, Dark forces are coming to the world of Ezetta through cracks in the sky. You, guided by the Prophecy of Ezetta must save the world of Ezetta by mastering the elements of nature, recruiting legendary heroes, and leading your team to explore the continent of Ezetta.

The game features real-time strategy, tactical gameplay, and a massive PvE story campaign.

It's a game where you collect powerful heroes, customize them, and fight together.

Each hero can master various elements of nature. The Talent system allows you to develop heroes freely based on their unique characteristics.


And that's it for today's top mobile games to play. I hope you liked this roundup this website has a lot more game articles for you to discover so feel to explore around!

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