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心动小镇 (Heart Town) Beta test has now started

Developer Xinxin has opened the beta test for 心动小镇 (Heart Town)

"Xingxin Town" or "Heart Town" is a life simulation game that's being developed by Xinxin. In this game, players can slow down the game's pace. You can display your hobbies, personality, talents, or various appearances, voices, and genders in any way you want here. Find your own life rhythm and make your special moments and memories.

Game Features:

▷ Experience slow-paced island life ◁

The twilight of the morning, not the annoying alarm clock, awakens the day. You can sow, water, and fertilize at your leisure, observe the daily changes of plants, grow your favorite flowers, and create your own garden without being pressed by time.

▷Build your own personal home ◁

From gathering natural resources to creating exquisite furniture; from laying bricks and tiles to hanging paintings on the wall; even planted flowers can be used as dyes or turned into vases to decorate the home. More hues. Make your own personalized home and fill it with your favorite memories.

The beta test is currently available for Chinese people and is available to download at taptap

Download link here 👉taptap

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