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A Relaxing Social MMORPG #Me: 3D Avatar, Meet and Play

We have been getting a whole lot of MMORPGs on mobile for the past few years. We've had lots of fantasy, action, zombie, and a lot more types of games the past MMORPGs were based on but nothing has ever been created as unique as this one.

#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet and Play Official trailer was announced and uploaded on youtube on Feb 10th 2022 and since then more and more people have been hyped about this game.

The game features fantastic customization, you can be a creator, model, or even a knight. You could also have fun by doing quests and adventuring with friends. Your profile can also be personalized to your heart's content and be able to meet new friends who have the same interest as you do.

Interact with Astell’s residents, share daily photos, and hang out with your friends. Expand your social network in this beautiful anime-themed virtual world.

You could also be an influencer, various contests are being held in this virtual world that you could take part in. You could win rewards and benefits which you could share with your friends. Taking photos is also everywhere you step into Stella which is the main capital city in #ME's world.

In #ME, You could be who you always wanted to be.

Here's a gameplay for you to check out! 

Download links right down here 👇
Playstore: Link Appstore: Link

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