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Tales Noir Open Beta MMORPG Best Classes Review

Tales Noir, an interesting anime-themed MMORPG you would probably want to try. The game features various of mechanic making it more enjoyable as you progress. The story is based on medieval magical fantasy where King, Queen, Prince's and Princesses rule the kingdom with various fairy tales for you to add to your roster. There's also town building and defending which can be pretty much fun when played together with friends.

There are handful of classes to choose from. Ones that people who play or have played MMOs before would certainly be familiar of. You see, one common in MMORPGs is the "Holy Trinity", this concept is composed of tank, healer and dps which are essential in forming a party in order to clear dungeons and raids. Well, Tales Noir is also based on this design. below are the classes you could choose in this fairytale game.

Knight Class
The knight class is basically the typical warrior tank class you could find in most fantasy mmorpg. The class handles the absorption of damages from foes while other classes do their respective roles.

Hunter Class
The hunter class is your classic DPS, able to deal tremendous amount of ranged attacks but have really fragile defence so the best way to survive while using this class to keep your distance at all time.

Sorcerrer Class
I'm pretty sure you already have an idea of what this class is, That's right, Sorcerrers are magics users who based their strength in mana manipulation. They specialize in area of effect type of attackers (AOE) making them formidable allies or foes than can also handle crowd control.

Assassin Class
Assassin is the melee dps in this game. It can deal high damages to enemies with its extreme fast paced skills and speed but then again, since the class is a dps type, you will have to make the most of its speed in avoiding damages to stay safe.

I know what gets into your mind, a bard, well, in most MMOs. Bards usually provide support by applying buffs to their allies and debuffs to their enemies, In Tales Noir, Musicians provide healing to their allies. It's the healer type class in this game.

So there you go, those are the classes you could choose in Tales of Noir. I'm sure you already know which class is the to your liking now that you already have an idea what the classes in this game are.

Oh and all classes in this game are not gender locked. You are free to choose which gender you would like your class to be and you have decent amount of customization options.

Here's a gameplay you could check out: 

And here's the download links:

That'd be it for this article, hope you guys have a great day! and stay safe out there!

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