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Top 10 Anime Mobile Games 2024

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You know, Choosing the best anime games on mobile is like picking the best anime series, definitely, not an easy job as opinions vary widely within the community. But you see, Anime has become a popular theme in many games these days so I thought why don't we round up the new anime games that have come out this year.

So, here are the top 10 anime games that have come out in 2024, including some without anime adaptations that deserve recognition for their strong anime themes.

Fairy Tail: Fierce Fight

FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight is a new official 3D action mobile game published by HONGKONG SKYMOONS INTERACTIVE, inviting players to experience the intense and passionate anime storyline of FAIRY TAIL.

You can play as various characters from the Fairy Tail series and experience the main storyline of the Fairy Tail world. Additionally, you can add friends and join a guild. The gameplay is in the style of an ARPG, where you control a character using four skills for each battle, forming a team of three to tackle all the fights in the game. You can also engage in multiplayer games with others or participate in PvP battles.

The game's got some pretty impressive graphics but I'm not sure if they followed the storyline of the original anime as I no longer remember the anime plot. but if you've already played this game, let us know what you think in the comments.

Atelier Resleriana

Atelier Resleriana is an RPG where you gather, then craft, then battle, then gather again, then craft, then battle again. The game features a dual protagonist system with main characters Resna and Valeria, whose names are combined to create "Resleriana."

The Atelier series previously had a mobile game called Atelier Online, but I heard it didn't perform well. Looked it up and found out the game only lasted a year before the devs decided to shut it down. Now, I'm not sure if Resleriana would suffer the same fate but from what I've gathered, it's also not doing well.

Atelier Resleriana is a turn-based RPG that takes place in Lantana, a land that once prospered through alchemy over a century prior but due to celestial events, the people have since forgotten of its existence.

The game's graphics, art, storyline, and music are great, however, it seems to me that the devs thought those alone could make the game survive and bring them more money. you see, the game is already suffering from criticism about how bad it's gacha system is. But it's always been that way for every game, people's opinions are just naturally divided.

Trails of Cold Steel Northern War

This is a mobile game adaptation of Trails of Cold Steel anime which (to be honest) I've not watched yet but in my opinion, this is a must-play if you want to know what happened during the northern war that occurs between the events of Season 2 and 3 Trails of Cold Steel anime series.

So The game follows Lavi, a member of the Northern Jaegers from North Ambria

Players will immerse themselves in the rich narrative and expansive world of the Trails series, featuring beloved characters from previous titles and voiced by renowned Japanese actors. The game introduces "Free Exploration Gameplay," allowing players to explore diverse locales, uncover unique storylines, and delve into expansive dungeons.

Combat is strategic, with a focus on team composition and skill combinations enhanced by the customizable Orbment system. Players can engage in various classic RPG modes, including Arena, Infinity Tower, Fiend Raids, and more, for endless entertainment and rewards.

Light of the stars

So this game does not actually have an anime adaptation, doesn't seem to have a manga as well but it is an anime-themed game and it looks pretty decent in my opinion.

Light of the Stars is an SRPG where you must help brave warriors defend a universe from what seems like inevitable devastation. Evil stalks every corner of this imaginary planet, and only you, using your best tactics, can stop the darkness from advancing. Players embark on a journey to save a world plunged into chaos and darkness by endless wars and calamities. As the child of the Solar King, they lead a band of heroes representing constellations, each empowered with special abilities.

I find this game fun, the visuals, music, and storyline are also really nice in my opinion. in addition, the game is generous enough to give you free 10 times summon every now and then.

Ex Astris

This is an anime themed premium game that does not include Gacha (It's actually funny that every anime game nowadays involves Gacha elements but it is what it is) Ex Astris is a turn-based third-person sci-fi RPG that takes you to a distant future, where humankind has colonized several planets but has abandoned the planet Astrum. The game features turn-based battles while being able to explore an open-world environment, similar to what you would experience in Honkai Star Rail.

The storyline follows the main character who wakes up in a capsule on Astrum with no memory of her past. To uncover the planet's mysteries and her own origins, she must explore the dark, unexplored parts of the planet, facing unknown dangers. Along the way, encounters with aliens and humans will reveal more about the planet and advance the plot.

Ex Astris is a very solid start for Nous Wave Studio and worth picking up for anyone willing to sink their teeth into a deep combat system on the go or wanting to experience a mobile JRPG without the Gacha looming in the background. It's not a free-to-play game but it only costs around $10, pretty worth it for a game that doesn't have any Gacha elements, a truly premium mobile RPG.

BLEACH: Soul Reaper

Man, there have been a few Bleach mobile games that have come out over the years and there are still more coming in the future,

This year tho, we got BLEACH: Soul Reaper which is another turn-based strategy RPG mobile game based on the iconic anime, BLEACH. Players embark on a thrilling adventure as Soul Reapers, battling against evil Hollows invading the World of the Living.

It's basically just your typical Gacha turn-based RPG where you assemble a team, recruit more heroes from the Gacha store, upgrade them, and battle more and stronger enemies as you progress further. The only difference is this turn-based game has the bleach anime theme and storyline but other than that, you'll still find it quite repetitive.

it's a good one if you're a devoted fan of the anime series and want to relive the saga in the game tho.

One Punch Man: World

One Punch Man: World is Arc games most anticipated game of the year. It's a 3D action game set in the universe of the popular anime series One-Punch Man. Offering a hardcore action experience, players can take on the roles of iconic heroes such as Genos, Silverfang, and even the protagonist Saitama, in unexpected ways.

The game provides a unique perspective by allowing players to experience both the heroes' and villains' stories in an action-packed format. also, the game features cross-platform availability and various language support.

In my opinion, this game is exceptionally well-crafted, and I'm thrilled to see One Punch Man getting the recognition it deserves. As a dedicated fan, I actually love the game and eagerly look forward to its continued growth.

Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is 3D action RPG from HoYoverse that takes place in a futuristic world with pocket dimensions called Hollows. Ethreals, monsters from within the Hollows, have endangered humanity.

Players navigate the last safe city, New Eridu, which thrives despite the chaos thanks to advanced technology. APlayers embody a Proxy, an unofficial guide to the Hollows. players form squads of up to three characters, engaging in fast-paced battles using a mix of basic and special attacks, dodges, parries, and powerful chain combos.

The game boasts a unique visual style and soundtrack, enhancing the immersive experience. When I played the beta test, I was really amazed by how smooth the controls are and the game seems to be already well optimized. Zenless Zone Zero is set to release on the 4th of July

Solo leveling

Solo Leveling Arise is Netmarble's most anticipated game of the year. The game lets players embark on a world-changing "Level Up" journey, based on the legendary webtoon which is in my opinion the most popular manhwa in history. In the game, you play as Jinwoo, the weakest hunter who evolves into the strongest, and experience his gripping story while uncovering all-new tales developed exclusively for the game.

Movement is fast, fluid, and responsive, featuring multiple combat styles and a variety of game modes and characters to choose from as you progress. Combat revolves around well-timed dodges, building status effects, and saving your skills for the most opportune moments.

But of course, it's not perfect, and there are also many negative aspects of the game. but in my opinion, they did a pretty decent job adapting the manhwa to the game.

Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by Kuro Games which was released on May 22nd of this year. As we all know, Wuthering Waves is being compared to other titles such as Genshin Impact, due to how similar they are in terms of visuals and mechanics but Wuthering Waves tends to focus a lot on combat.

Wuthering Waves is an action RPG for Mobile and PC devices where you will explore a post-apocalyptic world. The game provides players with an expansive open world to explore, where they can engage in puzzle-solving, exploration, and thrilling combat. The game excels in its combat mechanics, delivering a truly spectacular experience.

I've actually been playing the game a lot since launch, and I'm absolutely loving it. The storyline and character development are all good and the combat is amazing, I'm not really surprised tho as this game is made by Kuro Games which is also the developer of Punishing: Gray Raven which also has spectacular combat.

Ok gamers and anime lovers, those are the 10 anime games we've selected among the tens if not hundreds that have come out since the start if the year. I hope this has been useful to you all. Let us know what you think in the comments below. we'd love to know what your thoughts are on these games.

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