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Top 10 Best Anime Gacha Games Released in 2023 for Android & iOS

Hey gamers how's it going! Today we're diving into the world of gacha games and checking out the top 10 best new releases in 2023. games that offer epic adventures, stunning visuals, and exciting gameplay.

Let's explore the latest and greatest gacha games that will keep you hooked for hours of fun.

Let's get started!

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Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King

Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King is a role-playing game in which you will enter the universe of the Black Clover anime and live exciting adventures.

Join forces with Yuno and Asta, the main heroes, as you confront numerous foes and conquer various challenges alongside other animated characters. Together, you'll embark on thrilling adventures throughout the game, battling enemies and tackling exciting tasks in the vibrant world of Black Clover.

One of the coolest things about Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King is that you can enjoy epic cinematic scenes just like watching an anime episode. As you level up, you'll uncover a complete storyline that reveals more juicy details about this incredible universe. It's a truly immersive experience!

Takt op. Symphony

Takt Op is a Gacha JRPG based on the anime TV series by MAPPA and Madhouse titled Takt Op. Destiny
This is a symphonic RPG mobile game that leads the world to return to harmony.
Music is a lamp that illuminates the hearts in the midst of despair.

Takt Op. Symphony is one of the better-looking games to have come out this past year, and for something based on an original anime, it’s definitely a surprise to see so much effort being put in. The game’s stellar visual presentation, great music, and fun combat make for a delightfully enjoyable mobile RPG package and one that holds a lot of promise.

Rage of demon king

Rage of Demon King is an Android role-playing game that draws inspiration from the popular Demon Slayer manga and anime by Koyoharu Gotouge. In this captivating game, you will accompany the protagonist, Tanjiro, as he battles against a horde of demons.

To overcome these formidable foes, you must strategically assemble a skilled team of allies. Brace yourself for an immersive adventure filled with thrilling quests and intense combat in the Demon Slayer universe.

If you've been a fan of the demon slayer anime then you might find this game interesting

Summoner: Call of Heroes

Summoner: Call of Heroes is a mobile game where you can play as a hero on an exciting adventure. What's cool about this game is that you can gather resources even when you're not playing, so you don't have to spend a lot of time grinding. Instead, you can focus on having fun in the game.

There are lots of events in the game that happen regularly, and participating in them gives you awesome rewards.

Summoner: Call of Heroes is an enjoyable mobile game where you can play as a hero, gather resources offline, participate in events, collect powerful heroes, and engage in strategic battles with a variety of gameplay options.


Outerplane is a turn-based Gacha RPG that balances an engaging story with fun gameplay and wraps it with stunning anime graphics and animations.

The game's turn-based battle system is relatively simple but fast-paced and fun. Before entering a battle, players must pick a team of four characters.

Outerplane is a turn-based gacha RPG focused with a heavy focus on telling an original story with stunning graphics. Every character is well-designed and has a fun and unique personality. With an engaging story and fun mechanics, Outerplane will surely be fun for fans of the genre.

Higan Eruthyl

Higan: Eruthyll is a real-time strategy card-based gacha game developed and published by Bilibili. So far, Higan: Eruthyll offers a great deal of visual polish while delivering the story with full Japanese and English voicework, shaping up to be a great mobile game.

This anime themed game has spectacular 3D graphics reminiscent of other titles such as Honkai Impact 3rd. From a dynamic perspective, you can watch the progress of each heroine as you fight against different enemies.

Higan: Eruthyll has the potential to be a big name in the gacha industry, it's a pretty good gacha RPG with great graphics, fresh gameplay mechanics and a decent story.

Maid master

Maid Master is the latest title by SnipeGame in the RPG genre with futuristic elements. The game is the first release by the developer. Maid Master is set in the year 2142 when nurses run berserk after an unknown infection, which is a threat to humanity.

In the game, you'll discover new female warriors as you beat challenges. The battles unfold in a very dynamic way, and you can even accelerate the action if you so choose.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this game has an interesting background story with lots of details about a futuristic plot involving the main characters. In fact, between each fight, you'll witness various animations and conversations that introduce each new stage of the game.

Tower of god great journey

Tower of God: Great Journey is the latest idle RPG by Ngelgames. The plot of the game will be centered around the same world as it was in the original anime with a story that retells the major events. In the game, the player can collect multiple characters to use during combat.

Of course, the game heavily depends on automation as it's an idle rpg so you'll spend most of your time preparing units to take down the challenging content of Great Journey.

Tower of God: Great Journey is a game that can be enjoyed by those of you who like stunning animation, especially if you are a follower of the Tower of God webtoon because there will be no difficulty with the contents here, one of which is the role of each position.

Devil may cry peak of combat

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, the hack ‘n’ slash’s mobile version of the critically acclaimed franchise Devil May Cry.
The game aims to provide an experience that combines the classic devil-hunting essence with fast-paced and chaotic battle styles.

To ensure the consistent worldview of the Devil May Cry series, the game meticulously incorporates classic characters, scenes, weapons, and bosses from the series. Players will also have the opportunity to experience a brand-new plot that has never been revealed in the original series.


Aether Gazer is a new ARPG Gacha title that offers many characters and features to deliver an engaging experience for the players.

It has a lot of content that will keep the players engaged for a long period of time. While the battles may seem short in the beginning, the sheer number of them poses a picture of a very grindy game.

Aether Gazer is a worthy Hack and Slash title that offers very detailed and well-developed gameplay featuring unique battle moves and powerups.

The game is best for those who like to engage themselves in strategic RPG games where each character brings something extra to the team and new compositions can be decided based on each character.

And that wraps up our list of the top 10 best new gacha games in 2023! We hope you enjoyed discovering these thrilling titles and found some exciting additions for your gaming collection. Remember to keep an eye out for updates and new releases in the world of gacha games, as there's always something incredible waiting to be explored.

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