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Top 10 Best New Anime Themed Games for mobile (Android & iOS) of 2023

If you enjoy anime, then you're probably a fan of what's been happening in the world of mobile games with anime and anime-style titles in recent years. These types of games have become really popular, and in 2023, we've seen a lot of them being released.

In today's video, I'm gonna be showcasing the top 10 of the best anime games that have come out on Android and ios in the first half of 2023

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Let's get started!


Kaminagashijima: Reincarnation of the Shrine Maiden is a new asymmetric multiplayer game co-developed by LiTMUS, Aiming, and Kodansha.

The game follows the story of a group of girls that one day woke up just to find themselves stranded on a strange deserted island created by the evil god Hiruko.

In order to make an escape from the cursed island,  players must cooperate and use their special abilities to evade Hiruko’s attacks and find weapons and recovery items to counter the Kami.

The Kami, on the other hand, can possess various animals on the island, mimic their appearance, and use powerful abilities to prevent the children from escaping.

The game also features a scenario mode where players can uncover the memories and traumas of the children, revealing more about the island’s mysteries. “Kaminagashijima Rinne no Miko” is an online horror action game that offers an intense and thrilling gameplay experience.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone

The setting of Snowbreak is a world that is trying to recover from a mysterious catastrophe known as “The Descent” in the year 2057.

To look into and defend humanity, it will be up to the players to venture back into the Containment Zones with their squad of manifestations.

Snowbreak containment zone combines real-time shooting with quick-time events while quickly switching between members of their squad. Each character is armed with a weapon of their choosing and special abilities. Players will learn more about the characters on their squad as their individual stories are revealed as they advance through the game.


OUTERPLANE is a turn-based RPG created by VA Games and published by Smilegate. It tells the tale of a protagonist who is unexpectedly transported from Earth to a magical planet and embarks on an adventure with his or her companions.

This anime game is one of the best exhilarating mobile games that combines the captivating world of anime with strategic gameplay.

The strategic combat system of OUTERPLANE is one of its distinctive qualities. To engage in exciting battles, players can use a variety of strategies like aerial strikes, skill chains, and breaking moves.
By utilizing skill bursts, players can successfully block boss strikes and carry out strong finishing moves, resulting in an engaging and strategic gameplay experience.
The game’s gorgeous graphics and endearing characters, who have an anime-inspired look, significantly improve the gameplay. OUTERPLANE has a high level of polish and refinement thanks to its rigorous attention to detail and engaging animations.

Demian Saga

Demian Saga is an RPG that's all about collecting characters. It showcases stunning character art, exciting cut scenes, and adorable 3D models designed in a chibi art style. Players will have access to a level-sharing system to swiftly boost their characters.

The game is also developing a massive real-time PVP mode, accommodating up to 200 players from four unions (guilds).
While the combat system necessitates that players plan which group of heroes from their pirate crew will engage in combat, the level-sharing system will help characters level up more rapidly.
The game features over 20 game modes, and you are free to team up with pirates from other parts of the world for an adventure or prove yourself at the Grand Arena and Union Invasions.

Tower of God: Great Journey

I know some of you guys are not just anime fans but also manhwa readers. and if you're an anime fan and a Manhwa reader, there's absolutely no way you haven't heard of the Tower of god.

Tower of God: Great Journey is the latest idle RPG by Ngelgames. The plot of the game will be centered around the same world as it was in the original anime with a story that retells the major events. In the game, the player can collect multiple characters to use during combat.

Of course, the game heavily depends on automation as it's an idle rpg so you'll spend most of your time preparing units to take down the challenging content of Great Journey.

Tower of God: Great Journey is a game that can be enjoyed by those of you who like stunning animation, especially if you are a follower of the Tower of God webtoon because there will be no difficulty with the contents here, one of which is the role of each position.


Over The Gears is a real-time turn-based rpg that will immerse you in a world of fast-paced challenges and intricate obstacles. Your objective is to navigate through a complex maze of rotating gears, showcasing your skills and reflexes.

This is an action RPG set in a world where everyone has become humanoids due to an unknown virus.

The game features turn-based combat. but unlike the traditional games in the genre, in Over The Gears, you'll be able to move your character after you cast your skills.

This is a game in which you could get immersed in this fantasy sci-fi world where you engage with various opponents and characters to interact with.

Higan: Eruthyll

Higan: Eruthyll is a real-time strategy card-based gacha game developed and published by Bilibili. So far, Higan: Eruthyll offers a great deal of visual polish while delivering the story with full Japanese and English voicework, shaping up to be a great mobile game.

Higan: Eruthyll has spectacular 3D graphics reminiscent of other titles such as Honkai Impact 3rd. From a dynamic perspective, you can watch the progress of each heroine as you fight against different enemies. To fight, tap on the cards that appear on the right side of the interface, to try and execute attacks continuously.

Higan: Eruthyll has the potential to be a big name in the gacha industry, but several small issues hold it back from being truly great but at the end of the day, it's still a pretty good gacha RPG with great graphics, fresh gameplay mechanics and a decent story.

Volzerk: Monsters And Lands Unknown

This a free-to-play anime rpg that focuses on the island of Fort Lemuria, which is a residence of mysterious creatures and monsters. The story dates back to the island guardian Volzerk, who clashed with the legendary beast Magna, and both were apparently destroyed. This left the island and the inhabitants unguarded.

Volzerk is unique in the sense that it offers a storyline that goes along with the game as players take part in quests and explore the various elements present in the game and thus keeping the interest intact.

In the game, your goal is to explore the land of Lemuria and gather tabs on the different types of magical beasts present there while being on the search for Volzerk

If you're looking for an anime game that has monster hunter elements, The game is definitely one worth devoting a bit of your time to, given its rich visuals and a fresh outlook.

Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles is the newest addition to the MMORPG in the world of Summoners War Verse. The game revolves around the same storyline that has been followed up from the previous games; Summoners War, Summoners War: Sky Arena, and Summoners War Lost Centuria. The game has come up with so many features which are really splendid to attract every new gamer into the world of Summoners.

The game offers vibrant graphics all around and a clean UI, it has a vast open world to explore, unique Monsters to Summon and utilize to your advantage, and various game modes to enjoy.

Summoners War: Chronicles is packed with elements that make it a top-notch game created by Com2uS. This action-packed MMORPG dives into an enthralling universe, captivating players with its thrilling storyline

The game mechanics, UI, and graphics are very appreciable and these are so easy to operate by the players. It has many more game modes and other features at the same time which keeps up the interest of the players towards the game.

Aether Gazer

In Aether Gazer, you step into the shoes of Administrators, working alongside Modifiers to protect humanity's future. Each character in the game has unique fighting abilities, adding variety to the gameplay.

Players have the freedom to customize their teams according to personal preferences, allowing for intricate strategies that combine the distinct skills of each character which opens up opportunities for executing powerful chained attacks and utilizing a wide range of versatile moves.

In addition, Aether Gazer offers an immersive experience through its stunning Unity 3D graphics. Players can explore a futuristic 3D realm with stunning visuals, where the characters are meticulously designed using advanced NPR rendering technology to deliver top-notch quality.

If you enjoy fast-paced action combat anime games such as Honkai Impact 3rd or Punishing Gray Raven, Aether Gazer would most likely be for you.

And that's a wrap on our rundown of the coolest new anime mobile games from the first half of 2023! I hope I was able to earn your subscription, if not, that means I have more work to do to earn it. Thank's a lot for hanging out with me today, Stay tuned for more gaming goodness, See you guys in the next video! happy gaming!

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