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Top Best Anime Games for Android and iOS in 2022-2023

Just like the Japanese movies, TV shows, and manga series they are either based on or were inspired by, the finest anime games of 2022 are as diverse and distinctive.

We, therefore, have a game you'll enjoy, regardless of whether you enjoy anime fighters, visual novels, JRPGs, or any other genre that lends itself to anime adaptations.

The top anime games, including those on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, will be highlighted in this list as the ones to play in 2022.

In the future, we'll be adding additional anime game titles to this list, so be sure to check back and let us know if we left off any of your favorites for PC and console!

With that said, here is a list of anime games for Android and iOS you could enjoy in 2022-2023!

10. #Me 3d Avatar Meet & Play

This is definitely one of the best apps I have seen on mobile. The concept is unique and the graphics are absolutely fantastic.

#Me: 3D is a game in which you are asked to define yourself in one word. But you will soon realize that you are not capable of doing so. So, in this new digital world, you will be able to explore and experience who you are.

Developers put a lot of focus on character customization, not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of your own skills. You'll be able to make your trademark what you enjoy. You will be able to do things like shoot pictures or model, which will make you an influencer. On the weekends, there's always a variety of events where you can show off your abilities.

In addition, there will also be other players with whom you will share this path of self-discovery and fun. You will be the protagonist of your own story. You will have fun, fight and explore a colorful world with unforgettable characters.

#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Explore is a game to get to know yourself and prove that you are capable of anything.



9. Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions is a multiplayer Anime action game that's similar to PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Garena Free fire, basically what I'm saying is that it's a battle royale game.

It's an anime mecha action game where You'll be facing off against up to 100 opponents until only one person is left alive, but there's a slight twist. You get to feel the thrill of exciting, non-stop matches as you jump behind the controls of gigantic mechas just like in Evangelion.

The main difference in this game in regards to other similar titles consists in the possibility to take over control of massive giant robots. In fact, each of the characters from Super Mecha Champions can invoke their own mecha to battle from within it. In order to activate this power, you'll need to wait until the marker is full up, though you can get it to load faster by picking up certain select items or by wiping out your rivals. 

Invoking this robot makes your survival percentage increase exponentially thanks to the huge destruction capabilities it can wield.



8. Rakshasa Street

Rakshasa Street is a JRPG set in the same universe as the popular manganime of the same name. in the game, you go on an amazing adventure with Cao Yan Bing and Xia Ling and get to relive some of the best moments from the anime while engaging in breathtaking turn-based battles with a ton of bad spirits. The battle system in Rakshasa Street is quite distinctive. You'll receive three vibrant gems at the start of each round, which you can use to unleash the abilities of your heroes. The more red gems you acquire during the battle, for instance, the more assaults you can launch because the main hero is related to red gems. Overall, Rakshasa is a great anime game and can easily be addictive.



7.Alice Fiction

One of ALICE Fiction's most appealing aspects is its distinct and intriguing worldview, which has a futuristic and sci-fi feel and includes concepts like the metaverse and virtual reality.

In the story. You'd basically be the protagonist who logs into The Metaverse of ALICE for the first time, however, a mysterious error occurs during the process.
You reach ALICE after the error, but you are told that you have lost all of your memories of your past.

The music in this game is easily rated 5/5 it absolutely slaps.

There's a noticable lack of male characters in this game though, which I hope will change in the future.

ovcerall, the game is great and gives you the vibe of being in an isekai anime



6. Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere is an SRPG with touches of tower defense where you will move to a world of cyberpunk aesthetics. Throughout dark settings only illuminated by neon lights, you will encounter strong enemies that you will face in tactical combat.

the game  stands out not only for showing you careful graphics. The game, from the beginning, gives a lot of importance to the soundtrack.

The symbiosis between what you see and hear makes you live the progress of an interesting narration with intensity. In fact, the beginning of the adventure presents you with a slow pace development of the events that lead the protagonists to start a grueling battle.



5. My Hero Academia: strongest hero

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is a fantastic role-playing and action game that fully immerses you in this popular Shōnen Jump manga created by Kōhei Horikoshi. Here you have a fully official action MMORPG where you can control the best known characters from Boku No Hero: Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugo, Iida, Uraraka, Tsuyu ... the list goes on.

In the game, You'll start your adventure a lot like in the original story: the fateful encounter between All Might and Deku. After the prologue, you'll begin your journey in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero in a totally original campaign. This means manganime fans will be able to enjoy new events. You'll travel around the city of Musutafu freely while you carry out different missions that will be assigned to you from the Academy. Your mission in all of them will be to defeat all the villains who want to cause chaos.

Similar to other mobile ARPGs, this game's battle mechanics involve moving your character using a virtual joystick on the left and pressing attack buttons on the right. You can enjoy Deku's fabled Detroit Smash when you have foes in front of you because each hero in the game has their own distinctive move.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero provides you with stunning graphics and all the excitement of one of the most enjoyable shonen games in existence.



4. Punishing Gray Raven

It's an Action RPG that puts you in control of an elite squadron in a battle against all different kinds of robots. It's a fantastic game that stands out for its stylish artistic design and intense fighting: eliminating enemies becomes an art form in which combos and changes between characters are vital to achieving victory.

In this action RPG, you'll experience spectacular confrontations that will make full use of your mobile device's potential. You'll move around in 3D settings where your team of heroes will face all kinds of dangers. The controls are usual in the genre: you'll have a virtual d-pad on the left side of the screen to move and action buttons on the right.



3. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is a third-person ARPG that offers a combat system where you can perform practically endless combos with your powerful heroine,  

The controls in Honkai Impact 3rd are well-adapted for touch screens, with the d-pad on the left and the action buttons on the right. If you slide your finger around the right side of the screen, you can also move and position the camera.

and if you sidestep at exactly the right moment, you'll activate a slow motion camera for a few seconds while you destroy your enemies.

In Honkai Impact 3rd, you'll find dozens of different missions throughout tons of different settings. As you complete them, the game's story will also advance and you can discover the secrets hidden behind the catastrophe known as 'Honkai.'

Honkai Impact 3rd is an excellent combination of role-playing and action, that offers a fast-paced and fun combat system, and some of the best graphics you can find on Android. It's an all-around outstanding title.



2. Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is the first game created by Hotta Studio, set in a colorful open world similar to that of smash hit Genshin Impact. In fact, this game also combines exploration-based missions and object quests with dynamic, fast-paced combat.

But unlike genshin impact, this game is an mmorpg where you could meet and play with friends as well as a bunch of other strangers you'll meet in its world.

Additionally, unlike genshin impact, you can create and costumize your character to your hearts content, All the customization options have an anime aesthetic and are highly detailed. Once you're done, you'll be ready to dive into this expansive world filled with plenty of surprises, enemies, and settings to explore.

Tower of Fantasy has typical ARPG gameplay in which the animations and combat are constantly unfolding. The controls are well-placed on the screen, making it easy to tap on each of the action buttons to unleash powerful attacks and energetic combos. The camera does a great job tracking the action, although you can also switch your perspective whenever you want.

Overall, it is currently the best anime mmorpg currently accesible, graphics are great, story line is amazing and it absolutely gives you the feels of being in an isekai world where you interact with other people, slay monsters and complete dungeons while going through the story line.



1. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an RPG that gives you a chance to explore a spectacular open world that’s constantly growing. Accompanied by several different characters, you’ll take to the skies and make your way through all the cities and villages that make up the continent of Teyvat. Along the way, you’ll unravel the mystery of the Archons, deities that take care of humanity and guard the different elements. Hands down, this is one of the best video games for Android that also allows cross-play with the other platforms it’s available on: Android, iOS, PC and PS4.

The graphics in Genshin Impact are spectacular, which you’ll notice as you explore its huge maps and unravel the mysteries of its main story. You’ll play the 'traveler,' an adventurer who’s able to travel between worlds and that ends up getting trapped in the land of the Archons, supernatural creatures that dominate each of the seven elements of the world: Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro and Geo. You’ll need to complete missions in order to advance in the story while you perform all kinds of tasks to make your characters and their equipment more powerful. Jean, Amber, Lisa, Kaeya, Barbara, Diluc and many more heroes will join your ranks as you progress through the main, secondary and daily missions.

Genshin Impact is currently the highest-quality anime game title currently available in the market that brings together millions of players in this vast open world. The game constantly receives updates, new characters, story line and boy there a lot more making it the best anime game for 2 years now and might still be in the next few years.



So that wraps it up for our top 10 best anime games recommendation as of the year 2022, you may bookmark this page for more games coming! Also you may check the homepage for more content.

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