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Top 10 New Manhwa/Manhuas That Have Over Powered (OP) Main Character (MC) to read in 2022

I know a lot of us have been reading these Asian comics known as Manhua/Manhwa, I have personally read probably about a hundred of them and I'm quite out of them to read.

In today's article, I present you 10 New Manhuas/Manhwas I highly recommend you read. These are the manhwas I recommend, which are also my personal favorites and the ones you really must read as someone who has read a lot of manhwas. The sequence of items on this list is meaningless. So let's get going. Let's get to it!

10. The Lone Necromancer


The world is about to end. Streets, buildings, and basements have been transformed into dungeons, and creatures that were previously only seen in legends have begun to appear and devour humanity. What class will you choose if you can only pick one to survive? an expert on death. Death is my resource, and this post-apocalyptic world is my theater.

The art is fairly decent. It's your standard Korean monsters emerge and people awaken with abilities kind of series. Consequently, if you like those, you might appreciate this series.

The abilities are based n cards with different class levels and star levels. For instance, a thief is a one-star class. The more stars, the more potential the class card has


9. Genius of the Unique Lineage


I want to kill invaders and live a happy daily life in a special world.
Can’t I just ask for that?
Why? Why can’t I do that?
People say chasing two different rabbits will make you miss both, but…
just don’t miss them.

This story is about an abnormal world. where mysterious life forms that can communicate with other planets have emerged from mysterious black holes. As the earth descended into a living hell as a result of these invaders' mass murder of mankind, a unique breed of humans emerged. They contributed to the situation's resolution and possessed the outstanding ability. 

But as time went on, mankind started to dehumanize the unique species and dread them. Some turned to the authorities. 

Others plotted with multinational corporations. The remainder formed their own organization and used magic to conceal themselves.

8. My Daughter is a Dragon!


Jihoon was leading a draining life due to his demanding professor, when one day, his daughter fell out of thin air!

Thanks to Chaerin, who was as smart and pretty as an elf, things started to look up for him. His skin started to get better, his eyesight and intelligence improved, and he even got taller and more handsome.

This was all according to his daughter Chaerin’s plans!

Jihoon, who used to be an ordinary science and engineering university student, became a researcher leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI!

7. Duke Pendragon


Born as the successor of a low-ranking noble household, Raven Varte wears the sin of plotting a rebellion against the empire. To be granted amnesty, he was sent to fight demons alongside the worst corp of the empire, the ”Demon” corp. Most say that it is a place where most won’t survive for even a year, but Raven somehow managed to survive for ten years. When his amnesty was in front of his eyes, on his last battlefield, he met the ‘Successor of the Pendragon Duke Household, Eren Pendragon.

6. Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night


The Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe took in Jin Sohan as an orphan, and he spent his childhood with them.

But one day, one of the four great demons, the Venom Demon, discovered that he was special and kidnapped him.

After all kinds of tests, he decided to raise him as his disciple.

Ten years later, Jin Sohan tried to look for traces of the Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe, but the Sword Dance Troupe had already been destroyed at the hands of the Unorthodox Faction that’s now ruling over his hometown.

5. Seoul Station Necromancer


[You have entered the dungeon at Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.] When former high school student Kang Woojin finds himself returned back to Earth after being forcibly summoned to a foreign planet for 20 years, he soon finds that Earth is not the same, normal place as he once remembered it to be.

With his former strength and age reset back to zero, watch Kang Woojin as he gets back on the path to becoming the Earth’s strongest Necromancer!

4. Archmage Transcending Through Regression


Synopsis Archmage Transcending Through Regression

Mikhail Walpurgis, the world’s only 9th-circle Archmage, fell in battle due to a damned hero, and managed to cast one final advanced magic spell, <TIME REVERSAL>. As time rewound, he regressed to 20 years ago.

“Fine. I’ll just become the hero instead.”

3. Damn reincarnation


[From the author of Worthless Regression]

Hamel, a warrior who traveled with his colleagues to exterminate the devil. Unfortunately, he died just before the battle with the devil started. “Yes.” What the hell? He was reborn as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth. The descendant from the bloodline of the great Vermouth, Hamel. No, he was now Eugene Lionhart. “It was already enough with me having the delusion that I was a genius in my past life. But… this… It’s… It’s incomparable.’ From a dying body to a new body, he has the achievement that he did not have in his previous life. And, a reincarnation of an unknown origin, the reality of living together with the demons. Facing a new world where everything is questionable. The journey of the unfinished previous life begins with Eugene’s body.

2. Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later


One day, out of the blue, he falls into hell. All he has with him is his desire to live and predatory powers. From the thousandth hell to the nine thousandths, he‘s devoured tens and hundreds of thousands of demons, and even the seven archdukes bowed down to him. “Why do you wish to go back? Your Highness already has everything in hell.“ “Everything, my ass.“ There’s nothing to eat or enjoy here! Hell’s nothing but desolate land full of terrible demons! “I will return.“ After ten thousand long years, he finally returns to Earth.

1. The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life


‘Heavenly Demon’ Baek Joong-Hyuk opens his eyes as the eldest son of the Dimitry family.

Known as the fool of the Dimitry family, pushed over by the second son. The world’s opinion is irrelevant.

‘Heavenly Demon’, no, Roman Dimitry, cannot live a normal life.

OP ‘Heavenly Demon’ fantasy!

So that was it all for today's Top 10 New Manhwa/Manhuas That Have Over-Powered Main character.

Manhwa VS Manhua

Manhwa is a term used for South Korean comics. Manhwa and Manhua enjoyed tremendous success in the comics industry thanks to the widespread appeal of Manga. A sizable portion of Korean culture is manhwa. Manhwaga is the name of the manhwa author. The manhwa has its own distinctive characteristics even if they are following in Japan's footsteps in the industry. Manhwa in particular is incredibly easy to fall in love with because of its colorful panels and gorgeous action scenes.

Manhua is the term used for Chinese-language comics created in China and Taiwan. The name "manhua" originally appeared in a comic book titled Current Affairs Comics in the Shanghai-based daily Jingzhong Daily in 1904. Chinese comics and narrated drawings have been present in China in some form or another throughout its imperial history.

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