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Dekaron G, A New Full Autoplay MMORPG for android and iOS Play to earn

So I have been seeing lots of ads about this game on Facebook and YouTube which created hype about this game which was still upcoming back then.

Dekaron G is the global rebranding of the mobile MMORPG Dekaron M, which is in itself a mobile remake of Dekaron, which was originally launched in 2007. Dekaron G incorporates the latest blockchain elements into its core gameplay as part of Wemade's Wemix network. The global version will launch first on mobile devices and then later on PC.

The Dekaron was created after the Grand Fall to oppose Karon, and on the verge of Karon's resurrection, they jumped through a time portal to save Trieste. This planet, which is a little bigger than Earth, has an orbit that lasts 40 days and a day that lasts 28 hours. The distance between each moon and its neighbor changes during the course of its orbit at a different rate for each moon. The day that Miseria and Ricchez align is known as the Solstice of Evil because Miseria, the moon of suffering, is in front of Ricchez, the moon of abundance. The cycle has 12 days, just like the 12 gods' cycles in the official religion of Incar.

The conflict between humans and a brand-new race known as the Aloken was wreaking havoc on this primordial country, which was created by the gods of light and darkness. By using a ritual to conjure extraterrestrial beings and overwhelm the Aloken, humans drove back the latter and ultimately won the conflict. Through this rite, the creatures from the otherworld that were defending the otherworld's entrance, known as "Karon," entered the continent. Karon tore to pieces even "Kalizio Vacshu," who had sealed the door after recognizing their error. Humans were massacred by creatures that were still alive, and civilization as a whole was annihilated. This was Trieste's destruction—the Great Fall. Those that survived constructed the "Arcana" ark and took cover. The demons eventually started to disappear, and Trieste started to come to life.


* Choose your Trans-up to fight Karon

*Explore the period of madness

*Survive endless battles

*Join other Dekaron to defeat evil

*Experience a free trade system

If you are interested in the game and would like to take advantage of its play to earn feature, you may download it through the links down below.

Google Play: Link

Appstore: Link

I was personally expecting a lot better about this game but it turned out really bad. let me know what your thoughts about this game in the comment section below guys 👇

Here's a gameplay of Dekaron if you wanna check what the game looks like


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