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Black Bell Multiplayer (Early Access) New Android Shooting Game 2022

This game is in beta stage and will surely have lots of bugs and performance issues. 

BlackBell: Multiplayer is a faced paced third person shooter game made with unreal engine

Remember “BlackBell: Tactical”? Now this is the new BlackBell game and it’s third-person and has Multiplayer and MOVEMENT! BlackBell Multiplayer is the newest BlackBell game and it just got out, you can try and test this game in its earliest development stage. Please know that we need all the feedback from you guys to make this game better and we need all the support we can get to develop it further.

Gameplay: Multiplayer Battle arena, close-quarter combat, destructible walls, Badass jetpacks, fast-paced action, third-person camera, with 3v3 and 2v2v2 team deathmatch modes!

Main Features: Third-person shooting game with high-quality assets and graphics. The game uses the latest technology on the market called Unreal Engine 5, to bring computer games quality to mobile games!

Online systems: The game uses Epic Online Services to bring the best quality possible to your online experience.


Google Play: Link

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