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Astral Soul Rising a new MMORPG available for iOS and Android has now been OFFICIALLY Launched in USA.

Astral Soul Rising is a new MMORPG Published by Origin Games on GooglePlay and by HONGKONG ORIGIN GAME NETWORK TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED on Appstore

The game offers high-quality graphics as shown down below and you can also fly over these beautiful sceneries making the game a bit immersive, especially on larger screens. 

The game features the following:

Free Flight

Sword, manticore, saucer, clouds...

Countless flying mounts! Unlock your imagination of flying.

Open World

A huge otherworld, differences.... diversities..

Enjoy a thousand ways of adventure.

Free Trade

Rare items, mythical gears, legendary skill books...

With the cross-server auction house, get everything you want quickly.

Personality Show

Hundred sets of clothing items, free color combination

Unlimited imagination, design your own ideal image.

Abundant Gameplay

Clan defense battles, encounter battles, resource battles

Party, Wedding, quiz competition;

Battles madman or a moment of leisure, you can all discover and be satisfied.

Social Connection

No matter to save the world or make a happy drink,

here, you will never be alone.

Here is a gameplay of the game:

It wasn't clear which company the publisher of the game was on their social media and I also couldn't find a dedicated official website for the game so I went ahead and sent them a message on their Facebook page and confirmed that the publisher company was Firstmeet.

Now, You might be wondering whether the game is pay-to-win or not, The answer to that is Yes, the game is pay-to-win just like any other mobile MMORPGs out there. 

The game also has an auto quest, auto-combat, and auto navigation feature which you are most likely familiar with if you've played mobile MMO before. 

If you have played Astral Soul Awakening before, You will find this game 99% similar. It appears that the game was just a republished of the original game which was Astral Soul Awakening.

You can download and try the game through the links below.

Downloads 👇 Playstore: Link Appstore US: Link APK: Link

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